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Rosita Ståhl

Artist statement

Rosita Ståhl first started glass at Orrefors Glass School in Småland, Sweden. After that she studied Craft – Glass and Ceramics program on Bornholm, Denmark. There she focused on the qualities of glass forms and decorative elements.
She have been to the US working for glassartists and taking classes at Pilchuck glass school several times.
She gets very inspired from shapes in nature and botany. Making Drawings after her travels in nature. Working with different settings with her own expressions in glass. Playing with glass- having fun, making experiments- Both playful and poetic.
Simple and complex concepts are important for the decoration and form of her pieces. Rosita works with contrasts such as coarse/fine and fragile/strong, relative to the finished expression of the inner and outer forms.



2006-2009 The Danish Design School, Center for Glass and Ceramics, Bornholm. – Glass Design Program, DK
2005-2006 Orrefors glass School, Qualified Vocational Education, SE
2002-2005 Orrefors glass School, SE


2017 Glass sculpting, Identity- Character driven, Danny White, Pilchuck Glass School, USA
2014 Decals/ mixed media, Amy Rueffert, Pilchuck Glass School, USA
2013 Glass sculpting, Pino Signoretto, Pilchuck Glass School, USA
2012 Glass sculpting/ mixed media with Jamex & Einar De La Torre, Pilchuck glass School, USA
2011 Glass Sculpting class with Ross Richmond, Pilchuck glass School, USA
2010 Glass Sculpting class with Karen Willenbrink and Jasen Johnsen, Pilchuck glass School, USA
2009 Site Specific Class with Rob Stern, Pilchuck glass School, USA


2018 Nominated by Danny White for The 2018 Corning Incorporated Award
2017 Pilchuck Glass School, USA- full Scholarship for Danny White's class
2014 Pilchuck Glass School, USA- half Scholarship for Amy Rueffert's class
2013 Företagarna Göteborg
2012 Nominated by Einar & Jamex de la Torre for the 2013 Corning Incorporated Award
2010 Therese Kamphs scholarship fund
2010, 2011, 2012 Helge Ax:son Johnsons Foundation
2009 Erik och Lily Philipsons memorial Fund
2009 August Rigners Scholarship Fund, Travel to Pilchuck glass School, USA
2008 Makarna Lindeqvists Crafts Foundation
2008 J L Eklunds Craft Foundation
2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 Estrid Ericsons Foundation
2007, 2011 Gustav och Torild Hammars Foundation
2006 Exchange student, Konstfack, Stockholm
2005, 2006 Företagarna Gothenburg
2005 Olle Alberius Memorial Fund
2004 Bohmans Bookstore Scholarship
2004 Orrefors Glass School, Travel Scholarship to CERFAV Glass School, France

Member in

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Sintra Arts and craft, Gothenburg, Part owner 2012-2019

Work Experience

2015 Makai glass creations, Maui, Hawaii, USA
2014 Assistant for Kait Rhoads, Seattle, USA
2009 Tacoma museum of glass, Tacoma, USA
2008 Studio Inferno, Mitchell Gaudet, New Orleans, USA
2008 Poleturner, Pilchuck glass School, Stanwood, USA
2008 Assistant for Kait Rhoads & Amy Rueffert, The Corning museum of glass, Corning- NY, USA
2006 Pukeberg, SE
2005 Helena Gibson, SE
2005 Glasverk, SE
2004 Glascraft, SE
2004 Åfors glass factory, Paintstudio, SE
2004 Kosta Boda, Paintstudio, SE


2009 Helena Gibson, SE
2005, 2006 Tourism blow, Kosta Boda, SE


2018 22nd of September- 10th of October, exhibit at Sintra, Gothenburg, SE
2018 Unikt glas, Gothenburg, SE
2017 2nd of September-23rd of September- "Egg" Window exhibition at Lerverk, Gothenburg, SE
2017 January 9th- 6th of February- Window exhibition at Sintra, Gothenburg, SE
2015 Window exhibition at Sintra, Gothenburg, SE
2014 Sintra 30 years, Mimers Hus, Kungälv, SE
2013 Galleri Blomqvist- Westman, Uppsala, SE
2013 Konsthantverkarna Karlstad, SE
2012 Window show, Lerverk, Sweden
2011 ”Konstslöjdsalong 2011” Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg
2011 Two little birds, Gothenburgh
2010 ”Nordstroms design”, NORDSTROM window, Seattle, USA
2010 Spring exhibition, NOOK gallery, Hönö
2010 ”Konstslöjdsalong”, Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg
2009 AFGANG09, degree show, Bornholms Art museum, DK
2009 AFGANG09, degree show, Designer zoo, Copenhagen, DK
2009 AFGANG09, degree show Form/Design Center, Malmö, SE
2008 Censored autumn exhibition, Svaneke, Bornholm, DK
2007 Tryk 2, Aakirkeby, Bornholm, DK
2007 City Hall, Nexö, Bornholm, DK
2007 Nexö Library, Bornholm, DK
2006 Nordiska kristallmagasinet, Stockholm, SE
2006 ”Handle with care” Smålands museum, Växjö, SE
2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016 ”Konstvågen” Art round, Hönö, SE

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Wanås Konst, Knislinge, SE April-Dec
Glasets hus, Limmared, SE

Ateljé/studio- Formtratt, Majorna, Göteborg


Latest news

Birds and Eggs – UNIKT GLAS 3-17th of march

Welcome to Unikt Glas close to Avenyn at kristinelundsgatan. Come and see my show before the 17th of march.

March 5, 2018

Agnes-Nicole Winter

My glass at Agnes Nicole Winter’s home in Beverly Hills.

February 5, 2018


Windowshow at Lerverk in Gothenburg.
I will show some of my latest work during 2nd of September until 23rd of september.

September 2, 2017


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